When it comes to your printing needs, PIMAX Trading has you covered. We have the tools and technology,
including a wide range of silkscreen, digital machines, and other accessories
sure to bring out the best in many printed materials and products.

More Reliable
We have an excellent team working together to give customers the best products. We have professional sales staff who are always ready to help you.

Guarantee and Service
For long distance deliveries, all machines are fully tested and repacked before being sent. This ensures customers always get units that are 100% in working order.

Full Product Catalog
We have many products that you may need for your business. We are adding to our selection constantly. This means that it's more convenient for you to go for packs rather than solo units.

PIMAX Trading

PIMAX Trading is a direct importer and supplier of a wide range of high quality silkscreen, digital machines, and supplies. The company aims to help more clients in the printing industry to get only the best for maximum results and to achieve consistent customer satisfaction.

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